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Boone Beauty Bar's integrity, thoroughness, thoughtfulness and technique make us the High Country’s premier "one stop glam shop"!  Our goal is to provide a safe, positive environment where customers can come and embrace self love while indulging in a little self care.  Often times,  self care services are viewed as a luxury.  While we offer the absolute best products and services, we also recognize that self care services are a necessity for some.  Feeling good about yourself isn't a bad thing!  At Boone Beauty Bar, we believe that spreading light into the world requires igniting the light inside of yourself first.

One of my "why's" includes helping my customers
feel good about themselves.  Aside from providing the actual service, this also means building relationships with those I serve.  In order to build rapport with you, I think it is important for me to share with you a little about who I am & how Boone Beauty Bar began. 
Here it goes...

Throughout my teens up until 2014, I battled drug & alcohol addiction.  After a series of monumental screw-ups, an overdose, detox, rehab & and a spiritual awakening, I decided to try sobriety. After treatment, I had several appointments with various medical providers to ensure that I had not done extensive damage to my body.  I had noticed that my skin was not looking so great, so I asked a physician about the issues that I was having. She informed me that the skin was the bodies largest organ and that I was likely still detoxing and getting rid of the harmful chemicals that I had put into my body for so long. I left puzzled, “our skin is an organ?”


This got me thinking a lot about what I had exposed my body to, both internally & externally. I should add that aside from being an alcoholic, I was also a recovering tan-o-holic. (I have always relished in the extra boost of confidence I’d feel when I had a little color on my skin). I began tanning at the ripe age of 14, against parental advice, and honestly enjoyed that 20 min of hot, sweaty solace while lying in that bed. I spent my summer days lathered in tanning oil as a lifeguard and when I wasn’t working at the pool, I was laying by one literally baking in 1 of my 2 personal favorite products; Crisco or baby oil.  The thought of this had me shook. 

For the first time (maybe ever), I began to see my body as a living thing, not just the shell that I walked around in. As I embarked on my health journey, I began to wear sunscreen for the first time in years and significantly cut down on the time I spent tanning. (I'd like to add that I love indoor tanning & it can be done safely if used in moderation but I'm an alcoholic & to say that I struggle with moderation would be the understatement of the century).


I felt fantastic, however because of my new-found skincare routine, I noticed that my pale exterior did not match the radiance in my soul.  I wanted to glow from the inside, out! So, I got an airbrush tan. I felt amazing and my tan was on point!  In October 2015 I began keeping a note in my phone about my idea for a sunless tanning business.  It was just an idea at the time.


Later in 20I5, I married my best friend & moved back up the mountain.  I noticed that there were not any airbrush specialists in the area & there is never really a "right time" to start a business, so a few years, 2 kids & several revised business plans later, I decided to jump head first into entrepreneurship & the beauty industry. I connected with a fellow boss babe in the Charlotte area who taught me most of what I know & she continues to mentor me on this journey.  I began as a mobile "spray tan girl" and worked evenings after my then full time gig as a case management social worker.  When I became fully booked and realized I may actually be onto something, I quit my "real" job and moved into a studio inside of Planet Tan.  Weeks turned into months, which turned into almost 2 years and in July of 2020, Boone Beauty Bar opened in a new location and is now home to Queen Glitter Nails & are always seeking to add additonal practicioners & services to our glamfam! 

I am an Appalachian State Alum with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and have a background in social work & mental health services (go figure). I am a Licensed Esthetician in both North Carolina and Texas, as well as a certified Dermalogica Professional.  Currently I hold a tattooing permit from the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services and am certified in Lash Extensions, Lash Lifting + Tinting, Permanent Eyeliner, Permanent Lip Blushing, Ombre Brows, Powder Brows, Microblading and Airbrush Spray Tanning.  I am a member of the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce, the Appalachian Alumni Association & the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.  I am a native of Mt. Holly NC- for those of you scratching your heads, it's a suburb of Charlotte, just over that Gaston County line. I am a true Boonerang and have been a legit Watauga resident (again) since 2015.  I live an anything but boring life with my twin girls, our frenchie, Starla (also known as the BBB greeting staff) & our appropriately named cat, Brown Kitty.  

​I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to make you feel beautiful from the inside, out!


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